La Fourmi Verte Membership  for kids



If you're on this page, it is because you are a kid.  As adults, we are ashamed of the food system that we are letting you all grow up in.  As such, we wish to offer free membership to all of you, which will include a free t-shirt and pin, and also make you an official member of La Fourmi Verte.  In addition, you will receive a newsletter twice a year, which will keep you informed on the current situation regarding food waste, as well as tips on how we can reduce our waste.

By becoming a member, you are demonstrating that you are not okay with growing up given the current manner in which our society values food. 

If you want to make a difference, becoming a member is a great first step to take.  The newsletter will come with additional information on how you can get involved further in order to increase the impact you have on reducing food waste.


Your Membership Includes:

One package twice per year (January and July) including the following:

Current information on local and international news surrounding the topic of food waste.

Recipes, tips, and information on how to reduce food waste at home.

Updates on La Fourmi Verte, including upcoming events and organizational development.

*** One free t-shirt and pin is also included with all new memberships***


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