La Fourmi Verte Membership



By becoming a subscriber to our annual membership program, you are greatly  supporting our mission to reduce food waste. You may think that $20 a year can not make a difference, but by gathering just a thousand members, we would ensure a significant amount of stable income for our organization.  

La Fourmi Verte has little to no labour costs, as it is almost entirely driven by volunteers and engaged and concerned professionals from within the Montreal community.  This ensures that almost all of the membership contributions are spent directly towards pursuing the main goal of the organization.

We value memberships very highly as it not only represents a monetary contribution, but also a sentimental contribution, which demonstrates the amount of citizens that are concerned with food waste and with our food system in general. In exchange for this contribution, we provide all members with a package, twice a year, including everything detailed below.



Your Membership Includes:

One package, twice per year (January and July), including the following:

1 novelty La Fourmi Verte ‘Members Only’ Jar

Current information on local and international news surrounding the topic of food waste.

Recipes, tips, and information on how to reduce food waste at home.

Updates on La Fourmi Verte, including upcoming events and organizational development.

*** One free t-shirt and pin is also included with all new memberships***

For only 



The opportunity to actively participate in a local initiative with a social mission by being an official member of the organization.

Support education on the subject of food waste with the membership fee.

The chance to nurture your relationship with food by being informed of our volunteering opportunities.

Reduce food waste by consuming a product made from perfectly good food that would have otherwise been rejected by our food system.